4 Ways to Create Needs

Everyone knows needs plays an important part in Marketing. When a natural needs occur, the consumer will automatically become a shopper. But sometimes there isn’t a natural need. At this time marketers have to use their marketing techniques to create a need.

The Consumer Behavior course I take this semester explained the decision making process, which starts from problem recognition to the post-purchase stage. There are usually TWO ways to make a customer find the problem:

1. To create a dissatisfaction with the actual stage.

2. To show a better ideal stage that consumer wants to be.

The two way above provided a general guidelines for marketing people to create needs for customers. However, it is too conceptual, and didn’t provide any practical implication about what exactly you should do. Until I watched the Open Course  “Introduction to Marketing” from Wharton Business School, I found the following more specific ways to do this:

No.1  To create Shopping Goals—-one example of this is “back to school time”, which remind students to buy everything they will need in school.

No.2   To create urgency—–we can often see there is a limited period for low price, no matter when we are shopping online or in the supermarket. When people see this they feel the chance to get this benefit will never come back, they are more likely to purchase something they didn’t want to buy originally.

(Picture source: http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-note-2/225554-20-off-all-spigen-products-today-only.html)

No.3  To create reminder notices—-when we buy something, for example a pair of socks. After three month, the site you made the purchase will send you a reminder, saying you might need to buy this. At this time, they want you to make a purchase again.

No.4 To create an events—-Fashion Industry does this so much, there are some World Fashion Week in NewYork, Paris, London, where they come out new style of the season.



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